Protect Your Organization & Employees during any Emergency.

Don't take risks with your organization's future. Be prepared to protect your employees, assets, reputation, and customers.

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Is Your Organization 100% Prepared to Take Action in an Emergency Situation?

Critical™ will give your leadership team the tools to take control and minimize the impact of any situation including:
Active Violence
Medical Emergencies
Workplace Hazards
Cyber Attacks
Inclement Weather
System Downtime
Maintenance Problems
Suspicious Activity
Natural Disasters
Employee Issues
Security Incidents
Emergency Evacuations
Power Outages
Closures & Cancellations
Last Minute Clarifications
Urgent Business

Critical™ is a Simple, Powerful Emergency Solution for Organizations with 25 - 5,000 Employees.

Safeguard Your Employees and Customers.

Reduce Risk to Property, Assets, and Reputation.

Be Prepared to Handle Any Situation.

Solution Overview

All Features, Setup, and Support are Included.

Critical™ is an all-in-one emergency solution. Our free setup assistance can have you up and running in less than 48 hours. Ongoing support is always included.

Simplicity is Standard
Only your leadership team will need to learn to use the app. Most employees will simply use email and text message.

Send up to 5,000 Employees Text Messages & Emails Instantly.

Ensure your message is received by sending both text messages and emails at the same time. Send to all employees, groups, or individuals.

Share Realtime Updates to Keep Everyone Informed as the Situation Changes.

Situations change fast. Realtime updates allow your leadership team to get vital information out quickly and easily.

Use Two-Way Communication to Ensure Employee Safety and Gather Information.

Two-Way communication enables employees to securly respond to messages and share information.

Customize with Locations, Groups, Access Control, and More.

As part of our free setup assistance we will help you tailor the solution to your organization's needs.

Ensure Employee Information is Up-to-Date Automatically.

Eliminate the hassle of data entry. Ensure you always have current contact information for your employees using automatic reminder emails.

Use Scenario Plans to Prepare for Specific Situations.

Anticipate scenarios that you may need to handle in the future and create plans in advance. Make accessing those plans during an emergency simple.

Access Anytime, Anywhere using Web, iOS, or Android Apps.

Empower Your Leadership to take action immediately using Web, iOS, or Android.
Only your leadership team will need to learn to use the app. Most employees will only use email and text message.

Our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee is Always Included.

No fine print. Love your results or get 100% of your money back.

Planning is Essential to Protect your Organization During an Emergency.

Schedule Your 30 Minute Demo Today.

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